This blog is for all the students of BIT Mesra. If you want to know the detailed procedure for applying for transcripts online, you can check this out: Step 1: Download the form for transcripts (BITM/ES-04) from the link given below. Step 2: Mention the required number of transcripts (one pair, two pair etc.) and … Continue reading HOW TO GET YOUR TRANSCRIPTS: ONLINE PROCEDURE

lines and lies of hope

look like paintingsin exhibitions;you gaze at them curiouslytrying to figure outthe way they'd work for you, to define your existence ---(the circulated resources for help). they'd never workyou knowbut you lie. they're just pictureswith letters and numbersprinted as in a forged vain, the resources, (like your vote). -ishita


Watched a movie,late night sleep,It's Monday tomorrow.The alarm beepsAt 6 in the morning;Slept too less...The day has begunMay the Lord bless!Joining and leavingmeets after meets,Drowned in data,excel sheets,ppts and seminars...To stay awake,Feels like a war.Cups of coffee,Cups of tea,Keeping a checkOn sanity.Bland food,rice and peasDinner is doneLet's get some sleep. Monday is done withJust for … Continue reading //Monday//