Cold Love – A take on Toxic Relationship

You said I should voice my opinions.
You said I should talk a little more.
You wanted to let yourself drown into the sweetness of my voice.
I hesitated.
But then I broke my shell which was made out of me.
I hurt myself to please you.

I started voicing opinions.
I started talking more.

And then you backed out.
Your ears hurt from the echoes of my voice.
You said I spoke a lot.
You silently gestured my opinions don’t matter.
This time you broke me completely.
And I wrapped myself with the broken shell,
Which indeed was made out of me.

I stopped talking.
I stopped uttering a single word lest you should be disturbed.
I thought you would appreciate me.
I thought this time I finally aced your likes and dislikes.
I was wrong.

Now you hated me for being cold.
You disliked my disinterested demeanor.
You said I didn’t love you, when all the time it was only me loving both of us.

I realized.
I was a dumb show .
I was cold indeed because dummies can’t be hot.
It broke my heart to see the other side of grass.
It broke me completely.
I had to leave you now.

So this time I resumed talking.
We left each other the previous day.
But the memories still remained.
They tormented me this night.
I saw you in my dream, sleeping by my side.

But you were cold again, even in the dream.
I failed to paint the happy picture of us.
I finally took the cue.
Even my dreams left you.


And then I woke up.
The hallucinations of you still anew in my memory
You were still beside me.
I was still choking.
I was in a trap that could never be broken.
Such was the mesh of your cold love.


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